Exterior Body panels Rear & corners

Rear valance

OEM:111 813 301L
Beetle 08/60-07/66

Silver Weld Through (SWT)

€ 295,00 incl Available
update sync 08/12/2022
This part is the ultimate part for all those lucky 08/60-07/66 Beetle drivers who’re on a quest for a decent quality rear apron replacement! After 2 years of locating a real VW NOS panel, research for the right production process, searching for a competent craftsman and spending lots of time on the way to discuss and test 4 prototypes… BBT is proud to present you this well-known BBT quality rear panel. This rear panel has been designed in original thickness high quality steel and has all correct shapes and a correct fitment. Assembly of all the different parts to become to a high quality finish result has been done on a “Weld through primer” process to prevent uncovered edges. All these efforts have been done to get that to original standards replacement part for a damaged or rotten rear panel on a 08/60-07/66 Beetle. Please enquire @ your local BBT parts distributor to obtain this and other BBT production quality parts!

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